Let’s study SHINee’s drinking habits

Let’s study SHINee’s drinking habits

1. Sweet Dubu Lee JinKi
When drinking, he just smiles with his cute eyes.
One time, he smiled at a woman saying “Hello~”
It is said that when he was drunk and his capacity is 5 bottles of SoJu (Korean liquor)
Yes! I have to remember he is SHINee’s eldest.
He is not a 20 year old boy, Lee JinKi anymore, but a 24 year old man, Lee JinKi.

2. Chic Chic Kim JongHyun
You know, Kim JongHyun is very tender-hearted.
So, whenever he’s drunk, he always cry.
they said that he cried aloud saying “Thank you~”.
I don’t know why he says like that

3. SHINee’s Mom Kim KiBum
People shouldn’t treat him to a drink because he turns nasty when he’s drunk.
Behind story 1.
One day, He lay down on the street of ApGooJung, shouting “I’m Key from SHINee”
Minho confessed that he was embarrassed of Key’s drinking habits.
Behind story 2.
Following Minho, Taemin arrived there.
KiBum was doing a one-man show shouting “I’m Key from SHINee”
When Taemin grabbed his shoulder to take him back, Kimbum started crying, shouting “Get off me”

4. Flaming Choi MinHo
When the wine brought in, he becomes still.
He doesn’t saying “NooNa~” like in “the Salamander Guru”..
His drinking habit is JinKi’s, I guess.
One day, he dined and drank with members.
Under the influence of alcohol, he decided to move to home.
Drinking with fried chickens, members moved to the 5th place, Beer House.
The other members nearly died at liquar, ( Taemin went to dreamland)

5. A flower like sprout, Lee TaeMin
He also has the drinking habits.
Double AeGyo.
Pouring Hugs, so talkative.
He is so strong than thought.
He held Hyoungs too tight that they couldn’t breathe.
And then, he lay down on the front door saying mumbo-jumbo.

Source of article : 두부맛공룡(blog-naver)
Translated by Patata
fromy 妍/pplr (@yenn_yy)

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5 Responses to Let’s study SHINee’s drinking habits

  1. mimiyo says:

    okay, i can’t believe that they loved to getting drunk.. even taemin is a drinker too ~_~
    and onew, you have a very lovely drinking habits *although i’m shocked that he’s a hard drinker*
    don’t drink too much, dudes.. it would ruin your metabolism ^_~

  2. seki says:

    what the…
    i mmean really hey have drinking habbits
    i hate drinkers,,,, so much but jonghyun is kind of cute one
    but min ho and onew i never expected from you to drink but after drinking they are funny

  3. Sora says:

    Taemin get naked when he is drunk, Onew wrestled with Key and broke so many plates in the restaurant and Key acts cute when he is drunk. He call people and call himself bummie and tie his hair in a apple style.

  4. Mandy M. says:

    L O L. AHahaahaa. i dont know what else to say.
    even their drinking habits is cute ..!
    Mandy, cute is a outdated word N O ! LOL..

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